Digital art vs. traditional art by Paolo Libunao

Hey everyone, I pray all is well. Comic creator Paolo Libunao¬†recently weighed in on the pros and cons of digital and traditional art. For the artists out there, check it out and share your thoughts by leaving a comment and/or contacting Paolo directly.         In this digital […]

Iron Man and the Armor of God by Mike Abuan 2

As I mentioned in May, the Hulk vs. God concept inspired me to come up with some ideas for how this general concept (using known superheroes and villains to illustrate/communicate biblical themes) could be expanded. To this end, I must give all glory to God for coming through in a […]

New artwork posted to Paolo Libunao’s page

Hello everyone, One of my past interviewees, Christian comic artist Paolo Libunao, has some amazing new artwork posted to his page.¬†You can check out his new artwork here, and his interview here.           I’ve also included a couple of his older pieces below. Until next time, […]