Abaddon’s Intro Story: Script in Progress… 1

Hello everyone, I thought I would update you on my now 2-day-long quest to be more intentional with making time for practicing script-writing, lol. I started scripting Abaddon’s intro story this morning. So far I’ve scripted the first page, and have provided rough descriptions for pages 2-4. My goal is […]

Still Figuring “It” Out… 2

Hello everyone, As I’m assessing where I am regarding the goals I set out for January & February, I’ve come to a realization: I have to be more intentional in setting aside time for script writing. And given that “Lightweightz” is my first comic book, much of this time spent […]

A Quick Update: Solomon’s Intro Story 3

Hello everyone, Since closing the poll on January 1st and seeing Solomon as the clear winner, I’ve started working on the script for his 4-page mini-intro story. Here’s a quick update on where I am: (1) I think I have a solid-enough rough draft that I can send to my […]

And the Most Interesting Lightweight is… 1

Hello everyone, Happy New Year! As of 12:01 PST, voting for the most interesting Lightweight closed. Thanks to all who voted! Here are the results: Most interesting Lightweight: Solomon (40% of the votes) Second place: Kayin (16% of the votes) Tied for third: Abaddon & Qasim (12% of the votes) […]

10 Days Remaining to Vote!

Hello everyone, As mentioned in a previous post, I’m going to start working on the pages for the intro-stories in January. Your votes will determine which intro-stories I work on first. With 10 days remaining before I close the poll, here’s where the Lightweightz currently stand: 1st place: Solomon Tied […]

Vote For Your Lightweight before January 1st! 1

Hello everyone, Given that I will start scripting the Lightweightz’ intro stories and sending the information to my artist so he can work on the storyboards in January, I’ve been thinking about which of the Lightweightz’ intro stories I want to work on first. In terms of scripting, I plan […]

Comic Creators Coming Together to Fight Human Trafficking! 1

Hello everyone, God trips me out sometimes, lol. Within the past month, I feel like God has been “telling me” to pay more attention to global epidemic of human trafficking. Here are the various ways in which He got my attention: (1) Recently watched the second part of the Girl […]

Which Lightweight are you most interested in? 2

Hey everyone, So since now there’s some basic information and concept art available for each Lightweight, which one are you most interested in? Whose intro-story are you looking forward to the most? Take a few seconds and vote below: Thanks for voting and have a blessed day! © Justin Martin […]

Update #1: Lightweightz 1

Hello everyone, I pray all is well. God has been doing some amazing things lately, so I wanted to share them with you. Ready? Here we go… (1) In terms of launching the comic, I’ve decided to begin with 4-page short stories that will introduce each of the “Lightweightz,” instead […]