Update #2: The Story of Peter

Hello everyone, As I mentioned in a previous post, the other project I am working on focused on the life of Peter. Unlike the “Lightweightz” where I am the creator, the life of Peter is a collaboration with Earnest Graham. He’s doing the artwork, and we’re both involved with structuring […]

Update #1: Lightweightz 1

Hello everyone, I pray all is well. God has been doing some amazing things lately, so I wanted to share them with you. Ready? Here we go… (1) In terms of launching the comic, I’ve decided to begin with 4-page short stories that will introduce each of the “Lightweightz,” instead […]

The Life of Peter: A Collaboration with Earnest Graham 5

Ok, so I’ve been holding this in for a while now, and I’m really excited to finally be sharing the news with you. A while ago, I came across a blog by Earnest Graham, a priest and graphic novelist. I was immediately blown away by his work, which takes books […]

“LightWeightz” Development Update

Hello everyone, Here’s a quick update on LightWeightz. I’m currently scripting the second issue, and should complete it and begin outlining the third issue in the next week or two. As for major goals this summer, I have two: (1) This summer, I plan on having some rough/early sketches of […]

Logo Font and Concept Chosen!

Peace and blessings, First off, I want to thank everyone who voted on the five fonts I posted a month and a half ago. I was surprised at how poorly the third font did in relation to the others. I liked that one, lol! Anyhow, after looking over these fonts, […]

The “LightWeightz” Journey Began 1 Year Ago!

Hello Everyone, I pray all is well. Although the name LightWeightz came into the picture a couple of months ago, the original ideas and concept behind the comic started a year ago from yesterday, May 27th. I’m amazing at how much God has done during this first year, and I’m […]

Help Me Choose My “LightWeightz” Logo 14

Hello Everyone, I am currently in the process of choosing a logo for the “LightWeightz” comic and I could use your help. The primary color(s) may change and additional designs may be added; however, I first want to choose a font before solidifying the logo. Please check out these five […]

Some Updates

Hello everyone, I pray all is well. I have a couple of updates for “LightWeightz” that I am excited to share with you! Characters The “Characters” page has been updated and includes basic, descriptive information for each of the 7 main characters, or “LightWeightz.” Check out the page to get […]

Two important updates! 2

Hello everyone, I pray all is well. I have two major updates I wanted to share with you: (1) I came across this website, LogoSnap: Free Logo Creator, and I created the following logo that I want to roll with: I may make some minor modifications to it in the […]

Making Progress: Issue #1 Outline Complete 2

Hello everyone, I pray all is well. I’m pretty excited as I just completed an outline for Issue #1. I have not finalized the title of the issue yet, but right now I’m leaning towards the title being “The difference a day makes,” and the issue’s theme being about change. […]