The Hydroland: Aftermath Sampler Debuted in the Top 5 Comics on Wowio!

Hello everyone, I just wanted to send a huge thank you to everyone who viewed and/or downloaded the sampler on Wowio yesterday. It debuted in the top 5, which is great news! Take care and continue to spread the word!

Just-in: The Hydroland: Aftermath Sampler 1

Hey everyone, Without further ado, the Hydroland:Aftermath sampler has arrived! As I mentioned in previous posts, this is a collaboration with my friend and supporter Mel Todd. We’re really excited about the potential of HA, and went to great lengths to include plenty of “goodies” in the sampler, such as […]

R-Squared Comicz podcast #16: A Look Back at 2011 2

Happy new year everyone! I was supposed to post this yesterday, but ran into uploading issues due to the size. Everything’s working fine now, so here’s my last podcast of 2011. In it, I recap the major updates in 2011 regarding my comic projects, and begin looking ahead for 2012. […]

Hydroland: Aftermath Page One (Preview) 2

Hello everyone, When I introduced the comic last month, I thought created a post featuring this page in addition to adding it to the Preview page; but I guess I didn’t. Anyhow, here’s a preview of the first page of Hydroland: Aftermath. The amazing artwork is courtesy of the artist […]

Introducing…Hydroland: Aftermath 2

Hello everyone, For the past few weeks I’ve been mentioning that I’m working on a mini-comic while the pages for Lightweightz are being drawn and colored. The time to update on that project has finally arrived! As I mentioned in the previous podcast, I wanted to put out a mini-comic […]