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Checking in w/ Keith Jackson

Hi everyone, It has been a cool minute since my last post, but for good reason (however the update will have to wait). The purpose of today’s post is to check in with Christian comic creator Keith Jackson. The last time we heard from Keith, he was working on his first project. Here’s what he’s […]

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Word for Word Bible Comic funded through Kickstarter

Hey everyone, I pray you had a good holiday weekend. Today I wanted to shout out Simon Pillario on getting his Word for Word Bible Comic funded through Kickstarter. Check out his recent interview, along with some other Christian creator owned comics funded through Kickstarter. #makecomics               Like this:Like Loading…

Christian comic creator interview # 96: Simon Pillario

Hey everyone, I pray all is well.We’re five interviews away from the 100th interview milestone, and kicking things off today is Simon Amadeus Pillario. This is only a pen name, and the reason for it will be covered later. He’s 31, has a beautiful wife and two little children under 3, and lives in Bristol in the UK. He became […]

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Christian comic creator interview #95: Charles J.

Hey everyone, I pray all is well. For the 95th interview we have Charles J., a writer from Petersburg Virginia.  He first began his career by taking on one of the most complicated forms of music: hip-hop.  He wrote hip-hop songs at the age of 14 but didn’t get the chance to perform any of […]

Christian comic creator interview #94: Eric Rogers

Hello everyone, I pray all is well. On deck today we have Eric A. Rogers. Eric was born in Sumter, SC but currently lives in Atlanta, GA. He’s an illustrator, graphic designer, and the owner of Kingdom Come Comics & Ent. as well as EAR Designs, LLC. Now for the interview…   When did you […]



Christian comic creator interview #93: Mark Melton

Hello everyone, I pray all is well. Today we have Mark Melton, creator of Vision Land Comics. Mark’s been making comics since 5th grade. His work has been published in Focus on the Family’s Breakaway magazine, Quest Comics, Megazeen and much more. He also self-published a few titles of his own including Angel Dreams, Island of […]

Christian comic creator interview #92: Kurt J. Kolka

Hey everyone, I pray all is well. On deck today is Kurt J. Kolka, a journalist for a community newspaper.  His job includes writing articles for the religion page, police blotter, court news and occasional feature stories, as well as photography, photo processing, and even the odd editorial cartoon. He’s been married to his wife […]

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Christian comic creator interview #91: Phillip Willis

Hey everyone, Today we have Phillip Willis, born and raised in Florida.  As a teenager, he felt there was more to life than just living life, day after day, chasing pursuits that we could never fully grasp.  He studied a number of religions, and saw through apologetics and common sense reasoning that Christianity stood heads […]

Christian comic creator interview #90: Wesley Willard

  Hey everyone, I pray all is well. Today’s featured creator is Wesley Willard. He’s a full time nurse and  an honorably discharged army vet. He’s also married with 5 wonderful children, and a doodler extraordinaire in his spare time (very little if any). Now for the interview… When did you first get into comics as a […]



Christian comic creator interview #89: Royden Lepp

Hey everyone, We’re almost at #90! Today’s featured creator is Royden Lepp, an award winning animator and illustrator from the Seattle, WA area. He was born in Manitoba, Canada, and failed his 12th grade art class. He currently works full time in the games industry in Seattle, and dabbles in comics, photography, and film. Now […]