Close Relatives: Soap Operas and Superheroes

Hello everyone, Like the post I did in December where I discussed my theory on what makes comics unique, this post is along similar lines. However, it’s different in that this time I am arguing that in many ways, comics share a close relation to soap operas. To clarify, for […]

Comics on the Radar in 2011 (Part 2) 2

Hello everyone, Here’s the second part of my list of comics on the radar this year. Make sure to check out part 1 if you have not done so yet… Title: New Universal: Everything Went White Year(s): 2007 Why it makes the list: In the midst of all the stories […]

Comics on the Radar in 2011 (Part 1)

Hello everyone, I pray all is well. Here is part one of a list of the comics I have been reading lately. Feel free to share your thoughts on them (if you’ve read them), and/or to recommend some other titles you think are worth checking out… Title: Artifacts Year(s): 2010-Current […]

R-Squared Comicz podcast #7: Inspirational Comics/Graphic Novels

Hello everyone, I pray all is well. Episode #7, where I discuss the 15 comics/graphic novels that have inspired me the most thus far, has been added to the “Podcasts” page. You can also check it out below. Take care and have a blessed week! Duration: 40 min © Justin […]

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Recap: 31 Attributes 1

Hello everyone, I pray all is well. Below is a list of the 31 attributes of God and/or Jesus that I focused on during last month’s attribute challenge. Check out episode # 6 of the podcast to hear me talk about my experience during and reflection after the challenge. Enjoy, […]

Which Comics/Graphic Novels Inspire You the Most? (Part 2) 5

Hello everyone, Here’s the rest of the comics that have impacted me the most (also, in no particular order): #8 Title: X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills Year: 1982 Why it makes the list: Currently, this is the best my favorite comic story hands down. What happens when humanity’s hatred comes […]

Which Comics/Graphic Novels Inspire You the Most? (Part 1) 2

Hello everyone, I pray all is well. The other day, my sister posted a note on Facebook asking people to take 15 minutes and identify 15 albums that have moved you or that will stay with you. Her post got me thinking about the 15 comics and graphic novels that […]

What Are You Reading in 2011? 5

Hello everyone, Following up on the great experience I had at Midtown Comics in New York last week, I figured I would create a list of the comics I plan on reading in 2011. Of course the list is not final or exhaustive, but it covers just about everything: Print […]