Introducing the page one preview of the scientist turned superhero Justice Gear

Hey everyone, I pray all is well. I’ve been holding this in for a while, and now I finally have the green light to share it with you. During last July’s podcast, I mentioned that I was blessed with the opportunity to write a story for one of Ribu John‘s […]

The last (but not least) featured Lightweight: Gabriel the inscriber

I have a gift…and because they can’t suppress it anymore, they’re gonna kill me. – Gabriel     For Gabriel, knowledge isn’t only power…it’s dangerous. After remembering a once-forgotten secret, he finds himself on the run and on a mission. What does he know that’s so important, and what does […]

Sunday’s featured Lightweightz: Kayin the precog 2

What if God isn’t just allowing me to see the future…but to change it? – Kayin     Focused and determined, Kayin has always been mature for her age. Believing that her ability to see the future is a gift from God, she’s determined to use her gift to help […]

Saturday’s featured Lightweight: Emi the adapter

…there’s too much at stake for being the good samaritan. It’s just not in me. – Emi     A loner all of her life, Emi’s always dreamed of the day she’d fit in. Once she gets her wish, everything changes…except her. Will she decide to carve a new path […]

Friday’s featured Lightweight: Abaddon the connector

…they probably lied to protect me…but from what? – Abaddon     Misunderstood and hot-tempered, Abaddon tends to find trouble; which is ironic for someone who sees what connects people. Once he learns a deep secret that his adoptive parents kept from him, he decides to learn the truth no […]

Thursday’s featured Lightweight: Qasim the revealer

One thing’s for sure…something good will come out of it. – Qasim     Once a stellar student, Qasim is now struggling to be average. Once he discovers the truth behind his recent struggles, he decides to embrace it so he can make a difference. But will be able to […]

Wednesday’s featured Lightweight: Grace the empath

It was like I could feel his faith, and his belief that people really can change. – Grace     Tired of the way things are going, Grace visits her best friend’s church for the first time, looking for a change. When her ability manifests during the sermon, she starts […]

Tuesday’s featured Lightweight: Ayden the pusher

Most people are selfish…and take advantage of those naive enough to believe otherwise. – Ayden     Up until now, nothing’s went Ayden’s way. And just when he thinks things couldn’t get anyway worse, things begin to go in his favor…in a major way. Realizing how powerful he’s become, he […]

Monday’s featured Lightweight of the day: Solomon the lie detector

I’m going to find out the truth about what really happened…no matter what it takes. – Solomon     A genius whose future was all planned out, Solomon was on his way to achieving his dreams.  When an event forces him to change those plans and adapt to a new […]

A super-sweet deal: Sign-up for the newsletter and receive a free comic preview

Hey everyone, I just joined MailChimp, and I have a great offer for you. Sign up for my monthly newsletter and as a thank you, get your free comic preview of Lightweightz: The Anthology Part One or Lightweightz: The Anthology Part Two. Staying connected has never been more cool. Take […]