Story of Peter

The Story of Peter: 1st Update of 2011! 4

Hello everyone, As I mentioned in a post a while back, I am collaborating with Earnest Graham on a project involving the life of the Apostle Peter. My roles involve helping come up with the story structure, and “writing” the story. I say “writing” in parentheses because all of the […]

What Do You Plan To Accomplish in 2011? 3

Hello everyone, As the New Year approaches, this is the time when we typically set out goals that we hope to accomplish. Here are my goals for the upcoming year: (1) Spiritual: I want to my knowledge of and relationship with Jesus Christ to get stronger. I want to do […]

Update: The Story of Peter

Hello everyone, I pray all is well. Here’s a quick update on the Story of Peter project I’m working on: (1) The major artwork for the story’s first segment is almost complete. The segment will be about 10 pages, and the artwork for about 80% of those pages is complete. […]

Update #2: The Story of Peter

Hello everyone, As I mentioned in a previous post, the other project I am working on focused on the life of Peter. Unlike the “Lightweightz” where I am the creator, the life of Peter is a collaboration with Earnest Graham. He’s doing the artwork, and we’re both involved with structuring […]

The Life of Peter: A Collaboration with Earnest Graham 5

Ok, so I’ve been holding this in for a while now, and I’m really excited to finally be sharing the news with you. A while ago, I came across a blog by Earnest Graham, a priest and graphic novelist. I was immediately blown away by his work, which takes books […]