The Anthology Part One (2012)


[Y]ou’d think with the limited time he has to tell their stories…that it’d feel rushed and possibly lacking. But…Martin has done a great job in getting this going, and I am definitely interested to see more of his plans for this world of his.

– Robert McClelland of IndieComix

…the author presents a creative view that change and transformation is possible with God, regardless of the diverse and difficult challenges faced in life.

– Dr. Lionel Moriah, Associate Professor of Preaching & Worship Dean of Chapel Director of Mentored Ministry at Acadia University.

With me, the comic has to have a combination of great story and great art, and this one has both…[Justin’s] work honors God and contains elements based on Biblical principals that believers and non-believers could understand.

– Justin Swartz, comic writer and blogger

LW is an awesome introduction to the world that [the writer] has created. The characters are well developed and brilliantly written. The art is such that you feel the emotions from each of the characters, giving you a sense that you’re in it together…I look forward to volume two.

– Chris Dickens, creator of Vigilante Project

…it’s both powerful and beautifully done.

– Leslie Ezeh, Board Member for the Christian Comic Arts Society

I like how with a few pages [Justin] developed these characters and tugged the reader’s emotions with the teen’s lives and issues. Also the cliffhangers were great.

– Melchizedek Todd, Creator of Allegories of the WayFaithland, and The United

I am very impressed. The story got me looking forward to what is going to happen next.

– D. L. Maffett, Artist and Writer

The plots are compelling and the artwork is worthgoing back to several times over. Can’t wait for the next edition!

– Brien Sparling, Board-chair and Praise-team leader at a small GraceCommunity Church


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Writer and Creator: Justin Martin

Art and Letters: Przemyslaw R. Dedelis

Colors: Lya

Inspired by 1 Corinthians 12:7 (“Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good”), Lightweightz: The Anthology Part One introduces four California teenagers who discover they have powers that have major implications for how they view themselves and how they relate to others. For Solomon the lie detector, Grace the empath, Abaddon the connector, and Kayin the precog, the only thing more life-changing than accepting their powers…is choosing what to do with them. Described by readers as “powerfully and beautifully done” and “a combination of great story and great art,” Lightweightz: The Anthology Part One has something for everyone!


Download a free preview.